Winners Karate Foundation, founded by Sensei Ratan B. Gharu and Sensei Sharmila R. Gharu, is a respected non-profit and non-political Shotokan Karate-Do Organization. Operational under the World Shotokan Federation Of India Karate Academy which is affiliated to World Shotokan Federation (WSF). The World Shotokan Federation Of India Karate Academy (WSFI) is the sole representative member of the World Shotokan Federation (WSF) in India, presided by Sensei Ratan B. Gharu. The Winners Karate Foundation (WKF) is a Government Registered and ISO 9001:2015 Certified Organization. We practice Shotokan Karate-Do, a traditional and popular Japanese martial art form, founded by Sensei Gichin Funakoshi.

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With an aim of “ Creating Champions not only in Karate but a Champions In Life ”.
We at Winners Karate Foundation extend the art of Shotokan Karate, which develops important skills useful in everyday life, developing both mental and physical capabilities. Shotokan karate trains the mind and body to maximize physical effectiveness controlled by a clear, focused spirit. Karate is appropriate for any individual of any age regardless of their fitness and athletic ability. This all gives an individual a confidence and demeanor to calmly deal with changeling life situations.

Winners Karate Foundation strongly believes in inspiring others by setting examples.
Our Instructors at Winners Karate Foundation are well established and renowned International and National Karate Players with more than 32 years of experience, who still continue to make India proud with their accomplishments, also inculcating the same spirit and vision in their students and always encouraging players to become renowned Indian Karate Players and to be successful in life.

Working with the Vision:
  • To spread the knowledge of Karate and promote Fitness, Self Defense to all.
  • To encourage and support students to perform at higher levels in Karate and in Life.
  • To encourage and support all-round development of a student.
  • To develop and appreciate the skills of students to protect themselves and others around.

Shotokan Karate is not just techniques, it is also about one’s character; Karate always begins and end in respect ~ Rei (bow). There are several Dojo Ethics or Dojo Kun which everyone in the dojo must adhere to. Shotokan Karate, if pursed, an individual understands how to react to any situation in life appropriately with a confident character and a clam mind & spirit. Students at Winners Karate Foundation are taught the Basic of Principles Shotokan Karate along with the techniques which are not to be limited inside a dojo but inculcated in everyday life and extended to all.

Our Dojo is non-political, and regardless of our affiliations, open to all practitioners of traditional martial arts of any age, we welcome any individual who brings a friendly attitude to practice and learn the art of Karate with strenuous effort and commitment and respect.

We strongly believe that Karate is much more than a self-defense tool. The way we teach it, karate is a lifelong pursuit of self-improvement and betterment.

Winners Karate Foundation focuses on quality performance by arranging various training Camps, Seminars, extra training sessions, and other events. Many Champions has been created since 1998 and many upcoming…

So Join Us And Begin Your Amazing Journey In The World Of Karate & Fitness…


Of World Shotokan Federation Of India Karate Academy

Mr. Ratan B. GharuPresident
Mrs. Sharmila R. GharuTechnical Director
& Treasurer
Ms. Siddhi R. GharuSecretary


Of Winners Karate Foundation

Mr. Ratan B. GharuPresident
Mrs. Sharmila R. GharuSecretary
Mr. Mohan J. BhandaryTreasurer
Ms. Siddhi R. GharuMember
Mr. Lilesh K. BhoirMember
Mr. Santosh Singh RauthanMember
Mr. Shenkao ChangMember
Mr. Anand L. Mane Member
Mr. Mahesh L. Mane Member