World Shotokan Federation (WSF)

The World Shotokan Federation Of India Karate Academy is affiliated to World Shotokan Federation (WSF). The World Shotokan Federation Of India Karate Academy (WSFI) is recognized as WSF Country Representative Body for India by the World Shotokan Federation (WSF). The World Shotokan Federation Of India Karate Academy (WSFI) is the sole representative member of the World Shotokan Federation (WSF) for India, presided by Sensei Ratan B. Gharu.

The World Shotokan Federation (WSF) is a world federation which practices and promotes the sport of Shotokan Karate. The WSF is a respected non-profit and non-political Shotokan Karate-Do Organization. The WSF Headquarter is situated Switzerland.

The WSF has the aim of
  • Promoting, organizing, regulating and popularizing the sport of Shotokan Karate all over the world.
  • Protecting the physical and mental health of the athletes.
  • Contributing to the development of friendly relationships among the Shotokan Karate Society.

The objectives of WSF are:
  1. To organize, regulate and monitor all Shotokan activities within the World.
  2. To promote the development and expansion of Shotokan Karate-Do throughout the World.
  3. To ensure the proper implementation of rules set by the governing bodies of WSF.
  4. To make any plans, programs, arrangements and agreements related to Shotokan activities as well as to take the necessary measures to achieve successful results.
  5. To fight against violence, illegal performance incentives, racism, doping and any kind of discrimination.
  6. To educate the Shotokan society with assistance of its coaches and to make Dan and Kyu examinations and homologations in Shotokan Style.

WSF being a world federation organizes World championships and European championships, having as affiliated members National Federations, associations and national unions, which have the recognition of WSF as WSF Country Representative Body.Consequently, WSF grants the right to participate only to National Teams and only with the approval of the National Representative Body.

WSF competitions holds with the following categories:
  • Children, Cadets, Seniors and Masters Categories.
  • Individual and Team Kata & Kumite.
  • Shobu Ippon, Shobu Nihon, Shobu Sanbon Jyu Kumite and 8 points system (WKF).

The WSF Congress and WSF Executive Committee have developed the vision and strategy by which WSF aims to become the World’s most important Shotokan Organization, optimizing each year the WSF Technical and Management components with National implementation. Thus, competition management is a very important pillar of this vision and is given utmost importance.


Esat DelihasanPresidentTurkey
Ercüment Taşdemi̇rGeneral SecretaryTurkey
Adrian Popescu SaceleDeputy PresidentRomania
Kakha BasiliaVice PresidentGeorgia
Fazıl AlakbarovVice PresidentAzerbaijan
Yashar BashirovVice PresidentAzerbaijan
Hayrettin HamurcuVice PresidentTurkey
Roussalin RossalinovVice PresidentBulgaria
Keyvan GhaziMemberGreece
Sonny PillayMemberSouth Africa
Januszt HarastMemberSwitzerland
Oleg AbalinMemberMoldova
Erol GulalMemberSwitzerland
Sergii LevchukMemberUkraine


World Shotokan Federation C.P.91 – 2900
Porrentruy 2 – Switzerland
Mobile +90 533 632 18 52